Wish List 2019

2019 FFF Wish List


With an influx of new birds, the completion of ongoing construction projects is paramount. We are in need of construction materials, monetary donations and, as always, volunteers! Below is a revised list of items still needed to complete the ongoing renovations:

2019 Wish List

Rock well drilled (approx. $10,000.00 – maintains water for all outdoor flights)

Landscaping company (to maintain grounds)

Gravel for roads (30 loads at $270.00 each)

Ice maker (200-400 lbs. per day)

New Stainless Steel cages ($1,450.00-$3,150.00 each, depending on size)

Porch renovations (contractor and supplies)

Land clearing company

2 outdoor restrooms (building, septic tank, plumbing, countertops, flooring, cabinets, etc.)

Concrete and finish work

Block retaining walls built

Tortoise area built

Golf carts for tours (6 passenger, gas preferred)

Replacement batteries for existing carts (6 per cart at $600.00 a set x 6 carts)

Volunteers (to assist with daily and weekend duties, run Welcome Center & Canteen)

Pet carriers (medium and large)

Printing company

Certified heavy equipment and vehicle mechanic

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