Wish List 2018

Wish-List2017 Wish List for FFF Bird Rescue/Refuge

With an influx of new birds, the completion of ongoing construction projects is paramount. We are in need of construction materials, monetary donations and, as always, volunteers! Below is a revised list of items still needed to complete the ongoing renovations:

  • 25 Landscaping timbers ($250)
  • Volunteers ($ priceless)
  • Large bird cages ($200 each)
  • Landscaping mulch red or black ($200)
  • Plants and shrubs ($20 each)
  • Cage pans (need someone to make them $30-$50 each)
  • New flight 20×20 ($15,000 to $20,000)
  • Pond pump ($750)
  • Business Cards ($25-$50)
  • Gift shop items (corporate sponsor)
  • Advertisement (any ad will help)
  • Any donation will help in the care and well being of the birds.

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