Sponsor a Bird

birdsNo time for a real bird in your home, but you still want to share your life with one of these beautiful creatures? No problem! Feathered Friends Forever provides sanctuary to over 1000 birds, and any of these birds can be sponsored. You can pick a bird, a flock or a flight to sponsor and just make your tax deductible contribution. The volunteers take care of the rest, and you take the credit! Find an individual bird on the website or maybe one that you liked during a visit. All of the outdoor flights (aviaries) can use multiple sponsors to keep the residents supplied with food, toys and habitat improvements.

The pictures you get depend on the individual bird. Some need to be taken with the bird in the cage or flight while others can be taken with the bird being handled. Monthly sponsors may want to visit the rescue to be photographed with their bird or flight. Remember that even our non-social birds still need a loving sponsor!


Ariel, Bolo, Bonita, and Pete need your help! We are in need of donations and sponsors for these lovely birds.

Ariel 1 Bolo 1 Bonita Pete


Blue and Gold Mccaw

Age: 42


 Click Here To Read About Max And Freita






Mrs Grumbles


Mr Grumbles

African Grey

Age: Unknown

Sponsor: Karen

Grumbles came to the rescue around 11 years ago as Mr Grumbles, until she left us an egg.

Grumbles was given up from San Francisco, California because of an aggression issue towards the owner.

She is living in the African Grey flight next to the Welcome Center and greets most people coming in. She will sit there and say “Hi Grum” and then wolf whistle at you. Still not a hold me, pet me kind of bird, but is enjoying her life of freedom in an out-door flight area.




Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Age: 54

Duke and his mate were brought to the US from Australia. After his mate passed away, Duke became a little aggressive towards his owner’s wife.

Because of this, and after careful consideration, the owner decided to release Duke to the rescue since Ron was one of only a few people that Duke was not aggressive with.

Duke isn’t much of a talker, but does have his own catch phrase – “Thirsty.”

In Australia, wooden cages were common. Duke unfortunately had a habit of turning over his water bowl every day until he finally rotted out the floor to his cage. At this point, Duke’s owner would ask if he was thirsty, and if Duke said it, he would return the water bowl to the cage. Now, anytime you walk by his cage with a bowl, he says “thirsty.”

To this day, Ron is the only person at the rescue able to handle Duke. Duke is also a very talented escape artist. Once out of his cage, Duke will head for the office, climb on Ron’s shoulder, stick his beak in Ron’s face and the kisses are on! You will often find Duke perched on Ron’s shoulder for hours on end just being a real bird.


Sponsorships make a great gift for your bird loving friends. Just let us know that this is a Gift and supply the email address of the recipient. We will take care of the rest.

Anonymous Donations

We can keep a secret if you like! Some of our benefactors do not want to be listed on the website or gifts for personal or business reasons. If that’s the case, just let us know and we will tell no one…. Except maybe one of the birds like BooBoo who is sworn to secrecy.

Build a Flight!

Imagine having an entire flight of these beautiful birds named in honor of you or your company. This is a perfect gift for a loved one or in memory of a beloved family member.

DSCN0704For the cockatoos and macaws we plan to use commercially available carports which come complete with framework and metal roofing. We need to add 1″ fence panels to the sides and ends, plus the access door, feeders and water system.  We want to build as big as possible so they have plenty of room to fly. Budget pricing is only $5000 to $10,000 depending on the final size. There will be a space behind the main building to accomodate one as big as 24′ x 60′ long. This will let all the birds live together in a flock and get all but a few out of smaller cage units.All sponsors will be listed on the website next to the photograph of their sponsored bird or flight or kept anonymous if so desired.

Thank You!

Your generosity is tax deductible and may be paid monthly or as a single annual payment. This can be done online with PayPal, credit cards or by mailing your check payable to Feathered Friends Forever to:

Feathered Friends Forever Rescue/Refuge, Inc.
612 Byrd Drive
Harlem, GA 30814

Phone: 706-556-2424

NOTE: You may sponsor as many birds as you would like. Any bird or flight may have more than one sponsor. Sponsorship does not, in any way, grant the sponsor legal claim, rights, or ownership of any kind to said bird(s) or flight(s) which are the sole property of Feathered Friends Forever. Unless specified in the sponsorship agreement, some sponsored birds may be adoptable. Our goal is to find loving homes for as many parrots as possible. In this case sponsor donations are not refundable but may be transferred to another bird of your choice.