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We have the pleasure of announcing our 2 latest arrivals Max and Freida. They come with a heart wrenching story. Unfortunately parrot rescues deal with situations like this all the time. The owner of Max and Freida wanted everyone to hear his story. We have been granted permission to post his letter written to Ron. Pictures of our new feathered babies are posted below If you would like to help Max or Freida you may donate to them or any one of our parrots, we need your help more than ever.

To Ron,
I hope you don’t, but unfortunately do come across a lot of people like myself that start out with the best intentions, but have no understanding of what they are getting into when they take on the care of these beautiful creatures. I know that you are a busy person, and that you have better things to do then read my excuses for letting Max and Frida end up in such poor health. I will tell you this it was not always that way and that I should have found a place for them long before this. I had some personal problems that caused me to abandon my responsibilities for the things I cared about, especially the last several years. I am not asking for any sympathy, on the contrary I don’t deserve that. I can’t make up for what happen other than help you do the best you can for them. I am sure that you and the people you work with ask how someone could let this happen. I ask myself that many times, I have no good answer.
I will give you the history of Max and then Frida. I bought Max from a local pet store that was boarding him for some people that we’re on vacation. The owner of the pet store, said that he knew the owners were interested in selling him because they had another baby on the way. He (Max) was about two years old maybe a little older, didn’t know for sure. I had just lost a Nanday Conure after 15 years because my girlfriend at the time left a Teflon pan on the stove and it boiled dry killing the Nanday. I was heartbroken, and I wanted something to take his place. And so when I saw Max, I knew I had to have him. Max pretty much went everywhere with me, I even have pictures of him at every family reunion. After about five years I got married and my wife share the interest of parrots and we had the idea we would raise Macaws. The same local pet shop had gotten another Blue and gold Macaw in and new it was a female. I was pretty sure Max was a male because my vet and other knowledgeable people thought he was also. Although he was never check surgically. I was told that if I used Max and Frida as a breeding couple that it was better not to try to have them as pets. Frida came along around 1990 and from that time on we tried to raise offspring. There was many years of trying different things different ways, but we never had any success. No matter how we tried we could not get the babies to live more than a few weeks. Looking back at that time I’m sure that we could’ve found an answer, but that’s when my life started going off track. Max and Frida had one of the bedrooms of the house as their room and seemed fairly happy although I was spending less time with them because I was working more and more. My wife and I had gotten a divorce and a lot of other things begin to happen. I should’ve made better arrangements for the birds at that time, I kept telling myself as soon as I get things straightened out but I never did. Overtime the feather plucking showed up and continue to get worse. I tried separating, which did them good, but when I put them back together it started again. The last several years have been the worst for them, because I was so involved with financial issues and trying to work on my house and getting it ready to sell. I am not trying to make excuses, it is just what happened. I don’t know what to say about people like me, I had good intentions. But like a lot of people, I never realize cost and time to take proper care of them. There is no excuse on my part, I thank God for People like you! Right now I don’t know what else to say, I know there’s only so much that you can do to repair the damage that I have done. I do know they’re in a much better place now, and I hope they’re doing okay. I do want to keep in contact with you more than just the financial part. I would like to follow their progress with you. Again, I cannot thank you and the people that work with you enough for what you do!

Jim J.



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