Special Needs Flight * Updated*

Thanks to Kira Johns and her auction “Authors for the Birds”

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Kira was able to raise over $4,000 to allow us to begin ground breaking on the Special Needs Flight.








We still need your help to finish the project.


We need more donations of money and time to see this project to completion.



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Please help to provide our special needs birds with a home and not a cage.

Help Fund Special Needs Flight


Email birdrescueron@aol.com to volunteer or if you have any questions.

*** Update 7/31/16****

We had  great volunteers who dealt with the heat and was able to finish most of the roof struts. Its starting to come together. Thanks to everyone who is helping but we need more!!!

If we are to meet our goal and have this flight finished in the fall, we need everyone to spread the word and help us out.

Click here to Check out Kira’s next auction

We need help with donations:

Parrot safe edible plants

Pots and potting soil

Large planters

Hanging baskets

Small river rock or pebbles

Tubing for a mister system


Usable Lumber

30 day rental on a construction dumpster

And so much more!