Leo Greeting Visitors

Leo stopped by the welcome center to greet and thank our visitors for coming by to see our flock. Leo met several new friends Saturday! Perhaps our next group of visitors will also get to meet Leo

May’s Volunteer Spotlight

Our Volunteers are what give us the opportunity to give our flock the very best. We will focus on a new volunteer every month or so. Please say Hi when you see them. Larry’s interest in parrots began in the late 1970’s while living in California. After spending countless hours researching parrots, visiting pet stores…

Adoption Fair Update

Kerry Wallace Sent us some fantastic photos. Chicken, Major, and Nubs were adopted at our Adoption Fair of 2018 Its wonderful to see how they have adapted to their new home and now have a new family and lots of love to go around. We love to get updates on our adoptions so thanks again.

Waiting at Rainbow Bridge

Its with the saddest of hearts to announce the passing of Pepper the Amazon AKA “Mouth of the South” Donations for Pepper can be made in the name of “Rainbow Bridge” Please use our Paypal Secure Donation button on the right side of the page to contribute