95 Birds Captured In Seizure Are Rescued By Feathered Friends Forever

Finding a place to keep 95 birds that were seized by animal control of Barlow County isn’t an easy task. Not many rescues have the room or ability to take such a large flock. With no where for the birds to go, the county would have no option but to euthanize the majority.

When Barlow County called to ask if we had room, the answer was the same as it has always been for over 20 years – we will make the room needed for them.

Our Board of Directors decided long ago that they will go above and beyond when the time is needed, and this is one of those times.

Taking on 95 more birds is no easy task. It is expensive as well.

We hope our supporters will help out in an emergency such as this and understand that if we didn’t offer to help, where would these birds go?

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