Info / History

Back of Welcome Center

As dreams grow so do we! In May 2006 we opened  to the public. For more information on the facility, . There is no admission charge, but for those visiting the rescue donations are welcomed. Please sign the Guest Book at the Welcome Center when you arrive.

We continue to expand as the Building Fund allows, and it may be different each time you visit. Older flight areas are being removed and replaced with new aviaries to include improved feeders, watering and misting systems. 2008 saw the addition of the new porch area to house Adoptable and other birds. The original porch section for special needs birds is being renovated in 2015 with new windows, walls and insulation.


The park contains a total 23 outdoor flight areas, with more under construction, to house all species of parrots. The indoor area was completed in early 2009. The “Villa” amazon flight has a picnic table and benches so you can relax with the amazons out back. Don’t forget to bring treats for them.


2015 Updates to the Rescue

Our new flight area now has 5 completed state of the art flights. They contain infer red heat, rain heads, mister systems, automatic feeders and plenty of trees to chew on. There are 3 new flights under construction at this time, they should be finished late summer 2015.